Davey Music offers individual lessons on a range of instruments, including tin whistle, flute, uilleann pipes, fiddle and harp.  Lessons usually take place at the Davey Music teaching centre but may also take place in the student’s home.  Students have access to a considerable volume of printed and recorded music, including 350 traditional Irish dance tunes and airs, and this resource is constantly expanding.  Davey Music students have the opportunity to enter for the grade examinations and diplomas in traditional Irish music, through The London College of Music, and since 2001, Davey Music tutors have produced a 100% pass rate in the LCM examinations.  Students can also receive assistance with their GCSE and "A" Level music studies, including help with preparation for practical examinations and composition, as well as with the ‘Musical Traditions in Ireland’ study area.

All lessons given by Davey Music tutors use the same format, offering students consistency and reliability at all times:

• Lessons normally last for 30 minutes.

• All Davey Music tutors are highly experienced and lessons will be carried out in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere at all times, encouraging the student to relax and play to their best.

• Tutors will usually begin with a brief summary of the previous lesson and students will have the opportunity to demonstrate the progress that has been made since the previous lesson; students are always welcome to discuss any issues which may have arisen.

• Tutors will introduce new material where appropriate, and will always judge this according to the needs and ability of the individual student.

• Tutors will always encourage and inspire their students by playing along with them, thereby improving their confidence in the essential skill of ensemble playing.

• Tutors will facilitate the use of printed music during the lesson, but will always encourage the student to play from memory from as early on as possible, as this is the preferred method of performing traditional Irish music.

• Tutors will draw the lesson to a close by summarising the material covered and directing the student towards advance preparation for the next lesson, normally involving listening to their lesson CD and/or other recordings.

• Students are provided with Lesson Record sheets which the tutor will update at the end of each lesson, to reflect the material covered during the lesson and thereby assisting advance preparation for the next lesson.

• Students are encouraged to make use of a digital voice recorder or similar portable recording device, as this is an effective means of making high quality instant recordings during lessons.  This is particularly useful during preparation for the higher grades where there is a requirement to develop skills in performing advanced ornamentation and also variation.  It is not always possible to include advanced ornamentation and variation on the main CD recordings so the ability to make high quality instant recordings during lessons has proved very useful.


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To enquire about current availability for lessons, please email us on info@daveymusic.com